The Best Shampoo + Conditioners For Thicker Hair

These are my 5 favourite shampoo and conditioners for thicker hair. These are all cosmetic thickening — so they plump and boost the appearance of the hair, rather than tackling hair loss. Products linked below.

Some of my favourite products are here:

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— Fudge Xpander
UK Shampoo —
UK Conditioner —

— Maria Nila Heal

— Kevin Murphy Stimulate-Me

— Bumble and bumble Full Potential
US Shampoo:
US Conditioner:

— Bumble and bumble Go Big Thickening Treatment
US —
UK —
— evo Salty Dog salt spray —
— Shear Revival Gray Ghost — ​(Discount code: MANFORHIMSELF)
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  1. Have you ever tried Kerastase Densifique shampoo or Davines Volu shampoo? Do you recommend either of these brands for fine hair?

  2. what you are saying is 100% right and i also didn't use any shampoo for two month but instead i made a shampoo that will clean my hair and at the same time it has to retain the true color of my hair and maintain the oil balance…the result after one month was that my hair has grown bigger and my white and brownish hair has almost disappeared. i was astonished and shared a video in youtube. Today my hair is dandruff itchy free and its black and strong. I keep touching my hair and now iam not afraid at all…

  3. Hey can someone help me out? I am male and I am very young (14) to be exact and I have noticed my scalp is way more visible after using dove shampoo and conditioner I need help from people to recommend me better shampoo and conditioners plz I need help.

  4. Awesome video. What sort of oils do you recommend for mens hair that is in the same vein (making the most of what you have)?? I’ve been looking at purchasing the Moroccanoil Treatment, just not sure if it’s worth it…

  5. I like that you don't pretend to be a chemist that explains all the components because most people don't understand chemistry so the product is always misrepresented. I am a chemist and I'm looking for advice based on empirical results and not the list of componets that I already understand. Thank you.

  6. Brother, u are using a LOT of products which increase the risk of healthproblems, serious health problems. Maria Nila Heal for example, which is "free of everything". The most dangerous one in it is CI 19140, which increases the risk of cancer. And maaany others that cause irritations and are allergenic , for example: PEG-40 HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL PCA ISOSTEARATE, PHENOXYETHANOL, QUATERNIUM-95. They surely have their good sides, but should hair care even include bad sides?

  7. 🤔 if you can, could you explain to me what’s the difference between Kevin Murphy’s Plumping line and their Stimulating line or are they the same thing ?~~ also thank you for your in depth video!! I enjoyed it!

  8. Just started using Kevin Murphy stimulate me and rinse me, what can I say other than it’s brilliant stuff, I have short fine hair with widows peak receding hair line, love this stuff, from using the first wash and conditioner hair felt and looked thicker, doesn’t squeaky clean or gloss my hair, which I love, great smell too, rinse me tingle feeling is really nice in the morning! Big thanks to you Robin 😊

  9. Robin lets pretend.we dont have 300k subs on youtube.and were just an average joe.scrapin by.what is a good shampoo on the cheap.that stimulate me is 40$ for a small conditioner

  10. Absolutely love the channel. I need some help, my hair is currently swept back with tapered back and sides, and my hair is really fine so when I get out of the shower my hair doesn’t stay swept back with no product in it just flops down in front of my face, can anyone recommend shampoo, conditioner, Clay/wax/salt spray to help get that hold I’m after, thanks

  11. Not necessarily thickening but the Volume set from Salon Guy is my favorite shampoo. I don't do many voluminous looks with how long my hair is but the Volume set gives my hair just enough life to not lay flat.

  12. Revita Shampoo + Conditioner by DS Laboratories are the best for the prevention of hair loss and hair thinning.

  13. Great video Robin, first-timer here. Trying to locate a reputable online source in the US to purchase the STIMULATE-ME.WASH by Kevin Murphy Shampoo. Found it on Amazon, but some of the reviews are claiming it's a knock off. Amazon can be sketchy. Any insight?

  14. Hello James, great content as usual. I have one question please: I bought Nioxin system 1. I wash my hair three times per week. How often should I use Nioxin? I like to use Morris Motley Clay Shampoo once a week for example. Is that ok or it will stop Nioxin's full potential? Should I expect itchiness, red scalp and lose of hair at the beginning of using Nioxin? Thanks a lot for your time!

  15. Since September 2019 I switched to Nioxin System 1 (including Diaboost) and it literally changed my hair completely. You can feel the difference after 2-3 months — healthier, stronger hair. It also helps a lot in building long lasting natural volume and texture. I used Kevin Murphy before (Also amazing) and HDF, but Nioxin for those with a bit of thinning (or those who are afraid that they might be thinning) it is genuinely a game changer. Robin — Keep up the good work — I have now been a fan for the past 4 years and you never disappoint with your videos — well done. Looking forward to brand battle (hopefully coming back)

  16. Hey Robin, I've found that the Nioxin products contain all sorts of parabens and sulfates in them which are bad for you hair. What do you think about this?

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