Hello labs!
On this video I will be showing the actual raw footage when I applied the cetaphil on my face straight for more than 72 hours.
See the result after🥰
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Thank you😍🥰

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скрабер ультразвуковой


  1. It’s one of the best moisturer I’ve used so far. I tried other brands like vmv, kiehls, Clinique and many others. But if you have oily skin, you have to be cautious siguro small amount Lang ang apply. My skin is combination and sensitive pero hiyang ako dito. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hii! So I use cetaphil also.. but I put it on my face first thing, then I wash it off with warm water then put on play moisturizer it doesn’t rlly do anything lol

  3. u need to put it on right after shower, when your skin is moist from heat otherwise the lotion will just sit on top of your skin feeling gooey 🥴

  4. Hi, you are using too much product and please don't say that the product does not work given that you only used it for 72 hours. You'll see a visible result after 1 skin cycle equivalent to 6 weeks.

  5. Dont put too much po. Less is more po, ive been using cetaphil lotion for 2 months and yes, my face is really smooth and glowy 🥰 tsaka hindi ko po sya pinapahid talaga idinadampi dampi ko lang sya 😁

  6. i try this once, it didn't work on my face nag pimples sab ko sis. so nasayang ang ka mahal sa cetaphil na ako napalit, i just used them sa tohod og siko as body lotion pero wala na sa face

  7. hi sis JC, sauna raman ko naka gamit ug cetaphil , dugay napud to, nindot man imong skin sis hamis oo iadjust nalng imong pag apply

  8. Hiyangan lng talaga ang pag gamit ng product sis .noon maganda ang effect sa skin mo ..ngayon after using it for three days di na ok may pimple at burning sensation na sa skin mo

  9. Hinde kopa na try to sis murag ganahan ko mo try ani sis pimple agoy unsaon nalang once a day guro sis dry skin pod ko ganahan kos dove lotion slow down sis guro once a day pede

  10. I just saw the oil in the chemist and I thought ok,I would love to give a try someday, at the moment I have another one that am trying too, thanks for sharing sis, I enjoyed watching the challenge, 👍🏾

  11. Ako sab sexyjc inigkabuntag salamin njud hehhe true judni cetaphil ako anak dati daghan allergy kani jud recommend na ako ganahan ko anang paisa isa nga bugas sexy ah wala siya nag worth nimu sexy tinuod judna sexy dita pariho pariho skin stype malay mo mag worth sa uban usa ko kalimot sexyjc happy mother's day keep safe

  12. Ayan na day one, nag lagay ka Ng Cetaphil sa mukha mo exclusively, it's not covering the pores, day two still hydrated, may pimple kana, nag stop kana, it's not working on your skin face, cethaphil is thick, Tama ka we all have the different skin type. Maybe sa hormones nga Jaya nag react Ang face mo.

  13. Murab tulog na ang team ani maong hinay ug tingog sa Day 1 of application ba, to be honest gwaps, nipalit bya ko ug cetaphil as moisturizer pud. Day 3, still hydrated even after 8 hours, end of challenge na gwaps tungod sa pimples. Dako sad kaau ko ug pimples sa akong agtang gwaps, i thought at first hormonal lang pero layo pa man akong period.. Unya panagsa ra pud kaau ko mag pimples bcoz dry akong skin… But i will still keep it nlng, kay pwede ra man sya e lotion sa skin, unya fragrance free pud which i like.

  14. hi sis, depende rjud ang side effect sa cetaphil moistorizer. pero sa imo sis nice mn fresh ang outcome. ayayay pimple reaction sis. love your look sis blooming kayo.

  15. Kanus-a kaya ko kapalit ning cethapil sissylabs oi, pero nganong wla ng work sa imong skin this time? Paandar ra ni sissylabs bz ang mga. Arab hehe Ramadan

  16. Inday promise wala jud koy nakita nga pores ay. Ga adjust jud kos volume up and down inday hehehhe. Ni gawas ang bugas. Init ba xa sa nawong inday? Basin d xa maayo jud e 24hrs dae.

  17. Sis joy nindot man ang result,mihayag ug samot imong nawong ..pero naa pimples huhuhu lain raba kaayo piklat sa pimples sis .
    Ako getry karon sis ang cerave nahan kaayo ko pero di ko ganahan sa face hehehe basa basa..

  18. Yan ang ginagamit ko sa face ko sissy pag nasa usa ako kasi ang init dyan mosturise talaga yong face ko sa citapil kasi sobrang dry siya, nice sa face mo hiyang nag brighthen up yong face mo

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