How To Tame Your Frizzy Hair


Hi Beautiful! Today we talk about frizzy hair. Why does it happen? Where does it come from? How do tame it? I have all your answers.

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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  1. Can anyone confirm if the Mondo hair products will work on curly African hair? Or if not are their any recommendations for hair products to fix frizz in black hair?

  2. Yes "teasing" your hair would be a way you create a frizzy look (mostly for volume) and was quite a phase.
    Brad you rock, these videos are helpful and much needed ❤❤❤

  3. Hi Brad, I went swimming daily on my last holiday. I was advised to wash it everytime I went swimming but this damaged my hair. Should I was my hair less and just rinse?

  4. In middle school ,a long long time ago, perms were all the rave. Well i already had naturally curly hair. The nice waves and cute spirals, but also had some straight pieces. So my mom thought she'd get me a perm then all my curls would be uniform and i have a perm like all the other 6th graders were getting. Ya….you know the rest. It was bad. So so bad, and immediately was followed with braces and head gear and all the ugliness. It was rough buddy. So rough

  5. Me: Have natural frizzy wavy hair, live in a tropical humid environment, straighten my hair every week because I cannot stand my own frizz and ALSO dye my roots and hair every month. Then I complain of my frizzy hair.🤡

  6. Did any one else notice their frizz disappeared during lockdown? I think it was because I was using less product in general and not going outside.

  7. Ok, question. My hair is weird. Its suuuper straight but when it gets really long, from middle/lower part of my back and down, it gets suuuuper curly while above that is super straight. It looks as weird as it sounds. My question is whenever I try curling or try to add any volume to my hair, my hair pretty much goes " lol I know you just did all that work but noooooope" What are some different and hair healthy (ish) ways to curl or something to my hair?

  8. I find applying product to my hair when it's freshly washed helps tame my frizz. I have natural wavy/curly hair. Also using a 100% cotton t-shirt to soak up water helps too 🙂 Great video 🙂

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