New Skincare Routine to Brighten & Even Out Skin Tone | Tina Yong

In this video, I share with you my new skincare routine. Please subscribe for more videos!
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**Clarifying Foam Wash is $24.95AUD
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скрабер ультразвуковой


  1. I know it's too late but can you please tell me, After you apply the serum do you have to wash your face and then apply the day cream???

  2. everyone is whining about breaking the bank… The Body Shop doesnt only have this line lol This and the drops of youth are more expensive, maybe some other lines, but for example the normal lines like the vitamin e,c or the tea tree oil one is not that expensive. The day/night creams, and the serums are more expensive tho, but we all knew that serums are expensive, but at least they last a long time

  3. 😂😂😂😂 I get 50% off in body shop I still find this range expensive. Silly women- how much are they paying you to say “ it doesn’t break the bank” still laughing

  4. I work at a US store…you can't find these products anywhere over here…strictly in Asain countries.
    Our version is the Drops of Youth. Same products.
    Liquid gel peel
    Foam cleanser
    Essence lotion
    Eye Serum
    Mosturizer for the day
    Eye mask for the night
    Face mask for the night
    3 live plant stem cells, aloe based, most of the products are vegan

  5. I first started using drops of life. And it has really worked. Now skin iz soft supple and clear.

    Iam going to try Drops of light as i trust body shop products. U can trust it only when u use it.
    Im very happy with it.🤣

  6. FYI, if you have oily or combination skin, the Cream of DOL is not for you because it is extremely moist and shiny.
    Better use the other type of cream from body shop such as DOY or Seaweed.
    Rest of the line up are fine. I also use the three of them: Peeling gel, essence lotion, and serum. They do wonder on my skin; the blemishes just keep fading 👍🏻
    One thing lacking is DOL does not have toner to cleanse and hydrate the skin for the routine so I need to use other product for the toner.

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