How To Measure Fragrance Oil 🌷for Candle Making, Body Care, or Soaps

Learn the best and most accurate way to measure your fragrances in our latest video tutorial! 🌷

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  1. Can I add all my fragrance at 12% or do I have to test them out at 10 and 12 to see which one is stronger. If I’m using coconut or the mix blend is it better to add the oil at 180,185 or 190 which is the last temperature.

  2. Hello, I just purchased the Coco Apricot wax from you and it’s on its way to me! So excited 😃 I also purchased your fragrance oils. I plan on making several candles with different fragrances.
    My question is how much fragrance oil do I put in 7.5 oz of candle wax, for 12% load? Wait, if my candle glass jars from my supplier says the Wax Weight (to fill line) — is 8.5 oz. Do I use 8.5 oz or 7.5oz of wax? 🤔
    Am I doing that right? I get confused on this part 😩🙁 Please help 🙂

  3. I’m having issue with Wild Vetiver + Suede. I use 12% FO but it is not as strong as the others and have been told by a couple customers it’s very very subtle. I use the Virgin Coconut Soy wax. All my other candles have rave reviews except this one. Any advice?

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