DIY FACE MASK: honey + coconut oil

this is my attempt at making a homemade face mask out of coconut oil and honey.

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behind the scenes…🦋

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face mask recipe:

2 tbl spoons coconut oil
2 tbl spoons honey
(mix in bowl)
(apply to face)
(leave on for 15-20 min)
(wash off with warm face cloth)

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  1. Okay
    I tried it
    And if took a few days and omg omg omg
    It works
    The texture is still the same
    But acne goes and softness comes

  2. yass this is one of my fav types of masks!! i’ve used on hair never face bc my face is bipolar and sometimes coconut oil makes me get hives 😂 but i deffff gotta try & a lil tip when you get out the shower put some coconut oil on body before drying off let me tell you be having your skin glowing minus being slippery LOL

  3. I haven’t realized how LONG your hair is omg so pretty.! 😩😍 and yeah you do so well with coconut oil! I feel like this would be such an amazing smell too. Need to try but just to stay away from my eyes lmfao cause we know how that goes 😂

  4. Hey Gina, I love the simplicity of this recipe but I do have oily skin. I totally understand about giving your skin moisture when you are oily so your skin won’t overproduce oil so I may have to try this. I would think it would be sticky too but I guess it’s the coconut oil loosing it up like you said. Your skin does look glowy. Nice video & fw

  5. i’m dying to try this now. i didn’t realize honey was so good for your skin. you really are the kweeeeeen of skin care. coconut oil on my skin has changed my life.

  6. Ok this is my second comment and I have to tell you that I had the Vodka pasta last night for dinner, thank you dollar general, and I added like way to much cream…. it was so bomb Lolol.

  7. Girl I think you would like the channel Mixed Makeup. They review people skincare routines. I have to warn you Susan is totally against coconut oil, and it’s just because (well susan says) that it just sits on your skin and doesn’t absorb. Lol to each their own though. A lot of people use coconut oil, and honestly if your wiping it of that’s good. Lmao sorry I’ve been so stuck on Mixed Makeup saying not to use it, but they mean for a moisturizer, because it doesn’t absorb into the skin. I have a BUTT-TON of coconut oil lmao like a literal bucket full, and I am tempted to try this. I cannot wait to see how it works for you.
    Edit: ok so if you use coconut oil on your face normally, Well then YOU GO GIRL, BECAUSE THAT ISH IS WORKING FOR YOU! I am sooo jealous of your skin, and the fact that you can use coconut oil without breaking out is so dope.

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