ASMR Face Brushing, Touching, & Lotion Massage

Happy belated easter to everyone who celebrates it 🙂

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-face touching
-personal attention
-lotion sounds
-face brushing


скрабер ультразвуковой


  1. Hello friend. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Is there anyway you could do a longer slow face brushing with the purple brush?? ♥️♥️ I would be so thankful!! I looked all over yt, and nothing compares to your version.

    Ps you have such a great sense of humor and personality.

    Wish you the best.


  2. i have scoliosis too and a few things that i have found that helped with the pain is massage and acupuncture as it is the surrounding muscles that cause pain. scoliosis also messes with hips so that could be why you have hip problems. i hope this helps!!💕 ilysm

  3. The hair color doesn't matter. The waxing bumps don't matter. You are intelligent, and beautiful, and full of charm. Follow your dreams and enjoy life. You are perfect.

  4. I really appreciate you choosing not to include that picture because of how it may affect others, thank you for that 💕

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