ASMR — Six Body Butter Spa Treatment (lotion sounds, face touching, massage)

Welcome! You’re here for the six body butter, head, neck, and shoulders treatment? Sit back and relax and we will get started.
love, elo
As always, this video is for relaxation purposes, only. I am not affiliated with any spa, lotions, or body butters, and while facts may be stated, they are not intended to influence viewers’ real life decisions. Consult professionals and/or perform your own, educated research :]
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0:00 Welcome
0:33 Explaining Your Treatment
1:46 Making You Comfortable
2:29 First Butter (Face)
6:40 Head Massage
8:30 Second Butter (Neck/Shoulders)
16:31 Third Butter (Under Eyes)
23:47 Fourth Butter (Neck/Shoulders)
32:15 Fifth Butter (Face)
36:26 Final Butters (Back of Neck)
41:00 Closing the Session


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  1. The opening of these videos always sounds like a bong hit lol. At least that's what I've been told it sounds like.

  2. Woah, your face and voice reminds me of VeniVidiVulpes!! At first I thought it was the same person with a rebranded channel but no, it's another person as far as I can tell. That's cool 🙂

  3. I automatically download any massage video from Elo <3 Love you so much Elo! Keep doing a good job!

  4. Can we see the actual mixing (stirring) of the body butters? The stirring sounds are my fav and being able to see it would be da bomb! Wish I was getting the spa facial. Love your voice and smile. Keep up the great videos.

  5. Elo u are amazing i love your voice u are one of my fav asmr people I like u and Fred voice you 2 are the only ones I watch I also have borderline personality disorder your voice is so soothing and relaxing keep up the great work cuttie

  6. Could definitely use a massage. Gonna have to fly out and get that massage from you lol jk. Hope all is well. Spring is finally here and it's starting to get nice out. Video is great as always.

  7. Wonderful accent for ASMR. And those quiet little sounds your shirt makes as you move about are perfect, especially the sleeve rolling. Both my partner and myself have terrible anxiety which leads to insomnia, when you rolled up your sleeves and flicked your hair over your collar we were both like 'yeah….this video is going on the list'.

  8. Absolutely loved this spa session, I could almost feel those percussive strokes! And the lotion sounds, man they're so tingly, I get all the hype about them now!

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