MATRIX Biolage Hair Serum Review With Live Clip || * Non Sponsored* || IS IT WORTH BUYING ???

Hi Guys
In this video I share review on MATRIX Biolage Smooth Proof Avacado Deep Smoothig Serum ..I share my honest experience of this hair serum also I share one day experience with live clip of my hair ..
Hope u like my video…..

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скрабер ультразвуковой


  1. I buy this serum before I watch Ur video my hair curly and dry I also never see any good result even I try mamaearth also not suit for dry skin pls don't waste Ur money if Ur hair dry and curly mamaearth all shampoo and oil make Ur hair more dry

  2. To be frank, the kind of straightness and smoothness in hair that women desire can only come from heat application like blow drying or ironing. Any hair serum's basic function is detangling hair so that hair breakage due to tangles while combing is minimised.

    Most hair serums are lightweight and need to be applied everyday. Some like livon have a marginally heavier consistency which suits those with drier hair. For people with extremely dry hair due to colouring and other harsh hair treatments or those who have gone grey or white, hair oil is the best remedy to tame hair and provide smoothness.

    Hair texture is partly genetic, partly depends on the water quality with which you wash hair, on diet, on age (older women above 40 usually have drier hair than younger women due to hormones and thyroid issues) and on the kind of hair care products one uses. Harsh shampoos or soap make hair coarse. Those who colour their hair regularly or have decided to go grey tend to have drier and more frizzy hair than younger people with normal dark hair.

  3. @Neelamsarda I would suggest that you try olaplex, you would never ever want to get back to any other hair product trust me. It's salon plus take home regime

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