Neo Hair Lotion Hair Growth Spray and Root Treatment Review.

Review, Neo Hair Lotion, Hair Growth Spray and Root Treatment by foreign language teachers, India and the Philippines who use this product and see very good results. It works very well. So I want to share experiences with people all over the world to get to know this great product.

Neo Hair Lotion was researched and invented by Police Major General Dr. Paiboon Marapruekwan, Pressident of Green Wealth Health Care Co.,Ltd. who has expertise in herbs. Studied a lot about the use of herbs in modern medicine, and he produced cosmetics and health products from the herbs of the best quality

We are a distribution center that has been certified by Green wealth Health Care CO.,LTD. , Thailand. In delivering the original Neo Hair Lotion Hairspray products To international customers around the world. Shipping by DHL. Receive the products within 5-7 days.

For international businessmen, we have prepared FDA documents and related documents for you. If you need special rights for international distribution, we are happy to support you.

Customs and import taxes. Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs processes and issues, special occasion (such as Christmas Eve, New Year, etc.) and/or bad weather may cause the delay of shipment.

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  1. Hi should i have to wash after using neo hair lotion or can I leave it on the head because I have problems with hair loss and I want to wash my hair per week once Time please answer me
    Thank you very much
    Green wealth

  2. To be honest I used the Producer now 13 months 3 times in one day but no one hair growth up just fake
    Not only me also I know 3 9f my friends same thing

  3. Hello, the instructions on your product say I should just comb my hair before and and after the use of the lotion! Here you have advised to massage the lotion in circular motion, which one do I follow ? Thank you.

  4. I'm trying this product only this day
    That's why I'm looking for the right instructions on how to use it.
    If this is effective on me, I would like to sell or promote this product.
    I hope it will, and theres no immitation nor fake products for this.
    Thanks 👍🇵🇭

  5. If this product is natural as u saying way the hair is foling off cuz there is moxidil the only solution for hair growth but if discontinued will fool for every

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