Mango & Hemp Oil Body Butter ~ How To Make DIY Whipped Butter Lotion

Here is the exclusive formula for the Mango & Hemp Oil Moisturizing Body Butter. Chalk full of humectants and heavy moisturizing properties this store quality product contains mango butter, hemp oil, and goji berri powder for a full anti-aging regime along with the soothing quality of an aloe juice base. Follow along so you can make your version of this at home, or get the exact rcipe you see here by becoming a member at

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  1. I make a lot of body butters o/w emulsified, and that looks horribly grainy! Mine never do. Why does it appear so grainy? I'm very curious! Thank you, Jill Gross

  2. I am watching carefully, I have used these ingredients many times wondering why you butter isn't silky smooth?
    I know your butter is completely beautiful, it seems to absorb quickly and I imagine it smells lovely 😊

    I THiNK I figured it out, MAYBE? The electrolytes and her preservative is probably reacting. Well maybe I just watched it again and the butter looks grainy when it is warm too. If anyone knows please tell me.

  3. The best video on body butter I have seen. So glad to see you prepare the jars/lids with diluted bleach. Others just spray with alcohol and call it “sterilized.” I did wonder about any bleach residue though…not a problem?

  4. I'm new to body butter making and I don't have a mixer like you're using. Will a hand mixer achieve the same result?

  5. Thank you for every detail and reasons why you use what you use. It’s very informative and I feel like I’m learning a lot and I’m enjoying myself! If you didn’t know, Your voice is beautiful so it makes everything come together nice:) I love your channel and how organized you are! Your amazing! Keep up the great work! 🥰🤩🏆🥇


  7. Had to wear headphones as the Volume was Super Low. Had my volume turned to max and could barely hear this video. All the other YouTube Channels I watched were fine.

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