The Ordinary Hair Serum 1 Month Review + Before & Afters with Pictures

I tested The Ordinary Hair Serum for a whole month, and I documented everything, and now I am ready to share my review.


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  1. You have every video I ever look for!!!Thank you for your hard work!!!!And as usual I have few questions to ask:))Do you think the serum will work on oily and dandruff scalp?I am suffering from hair loss for a year now,my hair is rough and almost damaged.Nothing is working:)Also should I use the serum at AM or PM?And do you consider avoid using hair oil when I am working with the serum?

  2. I’m not sure if you’d be able to reply to this but, I’ve been using this but I’m not sure if I should wash my hair in the morning after I use it at night. Like if I use it tonight on clean hair should I was my hair later on the next morning or should I use the serum again?

  3. Hi Melissa, I have a question for you, hope you will see this, do you think it's safe to use this ordinary hair serum during summer?
    (thank you so much for your videos they are awesome)

  4. Hi, for balding men Does Copperpeptide have a shedding effect, similar to the side effect of minoxidil?

  5. Hey Melissa,hope you are doing fine. I was thinking about getting it. But its a lil expensive in my country. Are you still using It? Update me please ❤

  6. Hey, i was just wondering if i can apply oil on my scalp when there is the ordinary hair serum from last night? Or will that cause any damages to my scalp? Or maybe other disadvantages that i am not aware of. I am no dermotologist to know the chemicals in the ordinary hair serum that could reacts with other chemicals. Please let me know if you know the answer. Thank you

  7. Me who has long thin hair use 1/4 of the bottle each week LOL 😂
    what I love is that I use it the morning after I shampoo & instead of washing every 3-4 days with this serum used on my dry clean hair it doesn’t look or feel like I need to wash it till 5-6 days
    So I’m using a bottle a month .. Love it

  8. My hair this last 6 months started thinning out and changing…I have gone through a lot of stress on these last 3 years so no wonder my hair is oilier and thinner:( searching for the right shampoo and as soon as I have found it I will get my bottle of this fun product and give it a try:)

  9. amazing results! I have a pixie cut and wish to grow it out so I got this serum and I hope it works for me 😂😰

  10. You are not applying the product well, you are only wetting the tips. the bottle does not have that applicator just by chance, it is to put it on the scalp and wet the scalp. how you do it is not getting to the root. the growth starts and comes from the root and not from the hair length, so I think you are teaching people badly and not taking advantage of the product one hundred percent. dislike

  11. Just when I needed this, it popped up! Thank you, u already have a video on this. Better late than never 😁. I am planning to give it a try as i truly trust The Ordinary products. It had done wonders to my skin and m so looking forward to using it and have better n thicker hair ❤️🙂

    Thank you for this video and I truly enjoyed watching it ❤️❤️

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