Pinup Hair Curling Series: DIY Setting Spray/Lotion with Miss Lady Lace

Hello lovelies, I’m so thrilled to share with you my new pinup hair curling series, where I’ll be sharing tutorials on how to curl you hair into pinup perfection.

Today I’m starting with a tutorial on how to make your own setting lotion. While there are many fabulous brands that make really high quality setting lotions (such as Suavecita, Lindy Charm School, and Leopard Lounge), it can be so much fun to make your own, as well as having benefits such as using less chemicals, and costing near nothing!

— 1 tablespoon of linseeds/flaxseeds.
— 1 cup of water.
— A pot.
— A sieve.
— Spoon to stir.
— Spray botole.
— Up to another cup of water.
— A bowl.
— A funnel.
— Essential oils (optional), I like to use lavender.

I hope you loved today’s video, and be sure to comment so we can chat more about vintage styling.

Much love,
Warm regards,
Miss Lady Lace
Pinup Girl | Burlesque Artist | Vintage Blogger
IG: @missladylace


скрабер ультразвуковой


  1. I've made this recepe and it worked wonders for my curls. The only thing is.. It started to smell really bad after a few days. I used Jasmine essential oil and I think its smell was not strong enough to cover the boiled flaxseed. (Flaxseed will smell after a few days) Trying again today with lavender essential oil!

  2. I rewatched this video Monday and used the recipe and wet set my hair. Today is Friday and my set is still going strong. I am thrilled with how well this works and how soft my hair feels, other than having to use copious amounts of hair spray to combat 25mph winds we're having. The fact that's all natural and inexpensive is just more bonuses.
    With all the uncertainty and scare things happening, I find that continuing to do my hair and makeup (I'm still having to go to work, and only my eyes show) it keeps me in a better mental place. Much love and gratitude for all wonderful videos you have and are still putting out. I know for me and several friends and family members, that follow you now, it's like getting to hang out and learn from a incredibly inspiring friend, on the other side the world. I feel overwhelmed, by everything happening, watching you and others like Laci Fay, A Vintage Vanity, The Closet Historian and several other marvelous "vintage lifestyle ladies".
    Much love and best wishes to you and your loved ones. And many, many thanks.😘

  3. I only had flax meal on hand, but I did have some oversized tea bags for steeping your own loose tea, so I put the tablespoon of meal in a bag and boiled that (this would also work with a tied up square of cheesecloth). No need to strain of course after boiling.

  4. I just adore this recipe! I've been using it for a good 9 months now, and I am in love! I've tried other "store" brands and I did like them, but now that I've tried this recipe, I won't go back. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, and for all your other amazing videos! xo

  5. I am SO excited to try this as I stupidly bought a popular setting lotion without looking at the ingredients only to later find out how horribly toxic and nasty the ingredients were. Tossed it. Can't wait to try this easy, healthy alternative. Thanks, love! ❤️

  6. Thank you very much for sharing such a simple and classic recipe for setting spray. I will be utilizing it tonight for my teenage daughter’s roller set.

  7. I've been wondering if linseed gel would be strong enough for pinup hair, so this was perfect. Do you use any other products to set your hair? I really look forward to more of this series!

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