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Thank you everyone so much! I love y’all and I’m so excited to be sharing these videos with you! Let me know if you like watching me make this holographic body oil! And comment down below what else you’d like me to make.
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  1. I just started a small business too it’s called RainwaterCosmetics my ig is the same and I make lip gloss and I love it my customers do too but it’s so fun and I love that it’s my own 😍🥰❤️❤️

  2. In case anyone cares I'm going to start an organic homemade skincare product if you're interested kindly follow @pretty.haven_gh we will start in january

  3. I wanna say that hemway glitter so SO much cheaper on their website than it is going through Amazon. Same thing with tkb trading, especially if you don’t have Amazon prime

  4. i want to make these for my business but add 2 mica glitters in there and scent as well i dont want everything to settle to the bottom or separate want it to stay pretty and together and not use oil but a spray like a shimmer perfume so i plan on using aloe vera in mine and purified water like deer park not tap

  5. Hi, can you please tell me what products you used in your video including the name brand? I am autistic and have hearing and vision problems, and I've tried watching like 5 of these diy body shimmer/illuminator videos, and I cannot ever finish them because how you guys edit them is not the greatest and you never include your recipes in your description section.

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