What does the pancreas do? — Emma Bryce

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Beneath your ribs, you’ll find, among other things, the pancreas — an organ that works a lot like a personal health coach. Emma Bryce explains how this organ controls your sugar levels and produces a special juice that releases the nutrients from your food to help keep you in the best possible shape.

Lesson by Emma Bryce, animation by Tremendousness.


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  1. 1) Pancreas controls blood sugar levels (Endocrine)
    2) Pancreas also secretes digestive enzymes (Exocrine)
    3) Islets of Langerhahn are unique Pancreatic cells that create Exocrine and Endocrine substances
    4) Release of Insulin allows excess of sugar in blood(introduced via food) to be properly stored and directed to where it is needed

  2. My brother is just 9 but he knows so much about the anatomy… he talks about things like peto’s paradox, macrophages and Tumour supresso genes…he is a wiz, will love this video.

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