DIY Leave in Serum-Conditioner for Dry , Frizzy Hair || Get Smooth & Shiny Hair || Self Care Secrets

Use this DIY leave in Serum Cum Conditioner for Dry , Frizzy Hair , and get relieved from all these hair related issues.

This remedy is going to help all those dealing with those hasty split ends , immoderate hair fall , and excessively Dry and Frizzy hair.

Use this and get smooth shiny hair.

Key ingredient :
Chia Seeds
Substitute : Flax seeds


Please watch the entire video in order to understand the preparation and application process well.

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скрабер ультразвуковой


  1. Used this serum and loved it…
    Second time made it today….simply it's awsm.
    Phele kyu ni mile aap….

    Also tried butter hibiscus 🌺 & Rice keratine hair spa…both was awsome….frizzy hair disappeared and roughness also vanished.
    So many likes and hugs to you🤘🤘🤗🤗😊😊👍❤❤❤🤩🤩😍🤩🤩😍👏👏👏💝💝

  2. I am using this serum from 1 month and the results were amazing😘.
    Before applying this serum my hair used to be dull and frizzy and now my hair is super soft and shiny and also frizz free. you can also use this serum while going out as it also tames baby hair and makes ur hair soft and shiny instantly.
    I am still continuing this serum and If anyone want to use just blindly go for it without doubt.
    Thank you didi for sharing this amazing hair serum😗😗

  3. Didi kya is serum ko conditioner lagane ke baad lagaye….yaa fir sirf baal dho ke isse lagaye…..kya ye conditioner aur serum dono ka kaam karegaa…please reply mam🙂?

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