BODY COUNT – The Ski Mask Way (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Listen and buy now!

Animator: Tommy Ruffin (Twitter: @tommyruffin)

Taken from the album, ‘Bloodlust’, Century Media 2017


скрабер ультразвуковой


  1. Covid 19. I go to the grocery store! I pay the cashier. The ski mask way. She had to get paid. The ski mask way. I never patronize, unless I sanitize bitch! I mean, ma'am. Sorry.

  2. Ice-T and his bandmates probably made this video when they were bored and were fucking around with video editing programs

  3. Ice T is an absolute legend in the realm of both rap and metal. However, his rap career ended decades ago; but his metal career is still booming. At this point, he is more embraced by the metal community than the rap community. Metal is his true song; and the music he was born to make.

  4. Love it or hate it……
    reality exists, and sometimes,its a bit stinky………..
    this here is as ALL AMERICAN AS IT F-ING GETS:::::::::::::::::::::::::
    After all, simply "do a little mental Al-Gebra, and plug in the "Founding Fathers of the United States of America" in place of the home invaders……
    The American Indians in the place of the "HOME-OWNERS"!!!!!!!
    After all, IF YOU are inside the U.S.A. Mexico,Guatamala,Canada, ( The Sacred Turtle Continent ) YOU ARE ON INDIAN LAD,YO………
    Hey Ya´ll
    what happens if YOUR LANDLORD sees YOU trashing HER/his PROPERTY???????
    Yeah, You Get Your A$$ EVICTED!!!!!!!

  5. I watched the small punk people interview and was unaware that body count was making new music. This shit goes hard and has a lot of truth in the lyrics. Great fucking music!!!

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