Moroccan Oil 🆕 Night Body Serum Review

MoroccanOil has been my go-to haircare brand for over ten years and counting.  I use everything, shampoo, conditioner, hair conditioning masks, the original Moroccanoil hair treatment oil, dry shampoo, hair spray, hot iron protector spray, hand lotions, and even some of their sunscreens.  When Moroccan Oil released their Night Body Serum I picked it up planning to use it on days my skin feels super dry, and in the Minnesota winter when skin everywhere ALWAYS feels dry.  I was a little bummed to see that the first ingredient wasn’t argan oil, but instead dimethicone.  Dimethicone is okay but I was looking for more of an oily-serum.  Because of the thick texture a little of this DOES NOT go a long way.  At $62 dollars a bottle it is difficult to spend that much when a bottle will probably only last me a month at the most.  If you will use this sparingly, or money isn’t an object, this won’t be an issue, but I go through body lotion, especially in the winter, very very fast.  That was my biggest disappointment with the MoroccanOil Night Body Serum.  I will save the rest for winter but would not repurchase because of how fast I will go though this.  
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I have super dry skin, basically everywhere, and am always looking for good moisturizers for my face and body. I love the Moroccan Oil Hair products so I thought I’d give some of their other products a try. Their hand lotion and face sunscreens are okay, and their Night Body Serum is okay as well. My biggest gripe with this is the price- $62. For $62 this product will go fast because a little does not go a long way. I also found that after I applied the Moroccan Oil Night Body Serum I still needed to apply my regular lotion on top to help my skin feel hydrated enough. If you have normal skin which is not super dry you probably won’t have an issue with this though.

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