Skin Whitening, Brightening Body Serum AHA Mimi White Body Serum For Hyperpigmentation, Dark Patches

This is a Skin Booster Whitening Serum. Mimi White AHAWhite Body Serum. Multi alpha hydroxy acid. This Serum can get rid of hyperpigmentation skin, dark knees, elbows, groin, black neck, and discolored feet.#skinbrightening, #mimiwhiteAHAbodywhiteserum, #skinglowing#skinwhitening


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  1. Hi did you do the gluta injections or pills? I’m currently using a carrot lotion with piment doux serum but see no results. I always see AHA but I don’t know anything about it.

  2. Nice review sis your skin is really growing. Please can I mix it with fair and white so white cream. If not what would I mix with it to have 2 shade. thanks

  3. Hi sis. Your body is really talking 💕 glowing.
    Please do you sell skin products?
    And are you based in Germany?
    I just subcribed to your channel

  4. I'm browned skinned….pls how can I add it to my cream…..I mean what quantity….by the way your skin is beautiful…I just subscribed to your channel

  5. My sis your video is going viral so AHA should sponsor this advertisement already! You're doing an amazing job. I'm dark skin, wouldn't want my complexion to look dull, I need that glow! And for sure if it can help with dark elbows and armpits, that serum is perfect then! Yes btw it's good to make sure it is the original product, not all suppliers are genuine. The IG link is not working dear…or is it just me..

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